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Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever is a serious and sometimes fatal viral disease that is spread by mosquitoes in tropical parts of Africa and South America. It occurs in both jungle and urban environments and is particularly common in the rainy season.

Countries at risk
malaria countries

Yellow fever occurs in tropical parts of South America and sub-Saharan and West Africa.

Nearly all affected countries require proof of yellow fever vaccination in the form of an International Certificate of Vaccination before they allow a traveller to enter. Failure to provide a valid certificate can lead to a traveller being quarantined, immunised or denied entry.

Signs and symptoms

The first phase of Yellow Fever includes symptoms such as fever, muscle pain, headache, shivers, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. After three to four days most patients improve and their symptoms disappear. However, within 24 hours of apparent recovery, some patients progress to a more serious stage of the illness involving jaundice, haemorrhagic fever and deterioration of kidney function. Some patients that develop this form of the disease die within 7-10 days after the onset.

Travel precautions

Risk of acquiring yellow fever is determined by immunisation status, travel destination and its intensity level of yellow fever transmission, season of travel, duration of travel and activities allowing exposure to mosquitoes.


Yellow Fever cannot be treated effectively, but is preventable by vaccination. Travellers to areas at risk may require a single dose injection of Stamaril

Andrews Pharmacy Yellow Fever Vaccination Service

Vaccinations for yellow fever can only be given in approved yellow fever vaccination centres (YFVCs). Our vaccination clinic has been designated as a Yellow Fever Centres.

The Yellow fever vaccine must be given 10 days or more before your trip to be effective and to be officially accepted by the country to which you are travelling. Travellers who are leaving sooner than the 10 day interval should discuss this with us before booking their appointment to discuss the advisability of still getting the vaccine. You must carry your Certificate of Vaccination with you during travel. It is a record of your vaccination and may be requested by immigration officials during your trip. We will give you this certificate FREE of charge, when we give you your vaccine. For international travel, the yellow fever certificate lasts for 10 years.

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Duplicate Certificates

If you have lost your yellow fever certificate and you have had your vaccine here at Andrews Pharmacy Travel Clinic we can re-issue you with a new certificate. The cost is £10.00.

Exemption Letters

You should not consider travelling to a yellow fever affected country without vaccination. Should the trip be unavoidable and you are unable to have the vaccine then a medical exemption letter will be considered.

For some countries vaccination is mandatory. For others it is not a legal entry requirement, but it is recommended for your own personal protection. For example, Yellow fever vaccination is not a legal entry requirement for Gambia, however, it is recommended for your own personal protection. If you are unable to have Yellow fever vaccination for medical reasons, we will discuss with you whether you should consider an alternative destination or receive a medical exemption letter.

There is a charge of £14.00 for issuing exemption certificates.

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