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Valda Pastilles

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Imagine a situation where you have to deliver a speech to a sizable number of people, or are expected to sing a song to make the occasion lively, and just before a few days, suddenly you have cold and sore throat. This could be a serious situation as there is no way you can avoid the event. You will try gargling with lukewarm salt water or run to your family physician and there is no result. Being in the pharmacy business for over 50 years and serving the people of Sloane Street, Andrew Pharmacy is aware of this type of common and unpredictable problems. That’s why we have stocked for you Valda Pastilles. These Pastilles are used for symptoms related to cold such as sour throat, sore mouth, cough or irritation due to inhaling something troublesome unknowingly. Valda Pastilles tastes delicious due to its organic ingredients such as menthol and eucalyptus. Menthol, as you know, has the power to spark the skin’s cold-sensitive receptors and offer cooling sensation in a few moments after inhaling it. You can chew the pastille just like any other candy and enjoy the taste and its cooling effect. These products are synthetically made by extracting the organic compound of peppermint and other mint oils. They are specially made for people suffering from cough or sore throat. We have them nicely packed in a gold-coloured metal tin that fits 50 Pastilles weighting 60g. The best thing about these products is that you have them over-the-counter without any need of prescription. We have imported them from France just for you to get rid of the irritable cold and sore throat. So, next time when you have any throat-related problem that can make it difficult for you to either speak or sing and sound horrible, come to Andrews Pharmacy at Sloane Street to solve your problem.
50 Pastilles in a Handy Metal Tin. These Delicious Menthol and Eucalyptus Pastilles not Only Help a Cold and Sore Throat, but are Surprisingly Quite Pleasant in Taste.


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